Sunday, November 2, 2008

Karaoke Cowgirl

Contempory Romance
Short Story
Rating: Sensual

Karaoke Cowgirl

How far would you go to attract the man of your dreams?
Ally Standish re-invents herself every Saturday night to sing for her cowboy. But when they come face to face in the light of a normal day—and he discovers the real Ally—will he let her sing him more love songs or will the music die for good.

Available now from The Wild Rose Press


Stacy Dawn’s Karaoke Cowgirl brings to you a tale of accepting yourself for who you are. I really enjoyed this short story, it was well written, the characters likeable and the plot interesting. For me it had an underling message of be who you are and not what you think others want you to be.
~Reviewed by Sandie, WRDF Review

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Karaoke Cowgirl is a great story. Classic, really, and add in the karaoke bar for a definite new twist. Stacy Dawn does a great job of not only telling hte story, developing the characters, and tossing some butterfly churning sentiments but she also makes you feel for her lead character, Ally. Extremely enjoyable and truly heartfelt. I loved this story and connot wait to see what else Ms. Dawn can come up with.
~Reviewed by Agapanthus, Long and Short of It


Ally pulled Nick closer, hiding her face against his neck for fear she’d blubber all over him. Classy? Not by half!

Further proof jumped out before her eyes as one of her fake nails dislodged and tangled in the thick waves at the nape of his neck. “Oh no!

Nick pulled back slightly at her quick intake of breath. She held his neck tighter, moving the small distance with him so her nail wouldn’t snap right off.

“Alexandra? What’s wrong?”

Her full name on his lips paused her panic for a moment. No one ever called her that anymore. She’d only given Nick the name because she thought it matched her fancy false persona much better than plain old Ally—not to mention she loved the way he said her name with a breathy reverence.

“N-nothing,” she finally stuttered, shaking off his magic spell. Using another finger to slide the broken nail back in place, she made a fist to hold it there. “I just thirsty I am. Yes, I’m so very thirsty.”