Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Matching Fancy

Comtemporary Romance
Short Story
Rating: Sweet

A Matching Fancy

At her niece's wedding, Margaret is convinced she's long past the excitement of young love. Can an outspoken guest with a matching fancy prove her wrong?


Stacy, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I LOVED your new short story A Matching Fancy. The twist at the end really caught me by surprise! You rock
~T. Sue VerSteeg, author


"Ah, the beauty of young love."

The sighed comment came from a woman who joined me at the lace-trimmed dessert table. The empty space where my wedding ring had been seemed all the more significant as I turned to watch my niece and her new husband. Their smiles were only for each other as they floated across the dance floor in a world all their own.

A pang of longing flowed through me. A longing for lost youth, the thrill of new love, and the excitement that squeezes your chest so tight you can barely breathe. "Yes, I remember that feeling." Even I could hear the hint of wistfulness in my voice.

A barrage of laughter caught my attention and I turned to a group of men conversing in the far corner. Self-consciously, I tucked a stray hair behind my ear all too aware the auburn strands, once my best feature, now held the occasional wisp of gray.

"Nonsense," she admonished. "There is no reason women our age can't be blissfully in love too." The gnome-like woman's wire-rimmed glasses rose as she squinted up at me in conviction. "The only difference is that we don't have time to mess around."

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