Thursday, September 4, 2008


Contemporary Romance
Short Story
Rating: Sweet


Playing around with ways to let a co-worker know she wants to share more than just 'the look' over the staffroom coffeemaker, a nervous newspaper employee inadvertently sends him a made-up classified ad. Will her colossal mistake put her in next week's gossip column or land her the best deal of her life?


"Hey, Diana."

I startled at the deep, rich timbre of my name spoken by the idol of my current fantasies. A few of the ads sailed to the floor as my shaky hand rose to return his wave. My eyes stayed with his tawny locks until they disappeared past my line of sight. Only then did I will my heart to stop racing and bend to pick up the wayward papers, which rustled incessantly between my twitching fingers.

"Startling easily, racing heart, twitchy fingers—maybe scaredy-cat isn't such a bad moniker after all," I snorted quietly to myself. Scaredy-cat? Oh no!

I barely escaped knocking myself unconscious when I whipped my head out from under the desk to stare in horror at my computer. My errant hand not only knocked some of the notes sailing, it also slipped off the CANCEL button and instead, sent my e-mail sailing across cyberspace.
I flashed my eyes over to Josh's desk. If there was any mercy in the universe, maybe I could get over there and cancel it before he got back.

Two steps on my quest and I collided against a solid wall of blue. Warm hands came up to steady me as my eyes re-focused on a strong, slightly stubbled jaw.

"Sorry 'bout that. Are you all right?" Josh's voice swam with amiable amusement.

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