Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Standoff at the Waterin' Horse Saloon

Historical Western Romance
Short Story
Rating: Sweet/Sensual

Standoff at the Waterin' Horse Saloon

Bridget Schneider has a few things to say to the cowboy who stole her heart over a year ago and never came back. Sneaking into the Waterin' Horse Saloon to confront him, the last thing she expects to find is Jonas Decker immersed in a bathtub in all his God-given glory. Her righteous indignation evaporates in the steam and heat of his naked chest and flirtatious smile—but she's not about to let her anger be hog-tied by sudden...distractions. Jonas might've stolen her heart, but she's sure as shootin' gonna get her pride back.


5 Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews!!
Standoff at the Waterin' Horse Saloon is laugh-out-loud funny and perfectly romantic. I smiled from the first word until the last. I loved this short story. This is a charming slice of life that I know I'll read again. Lively characters, vivid images and an amusing plot all make Standoff at the Waterin' Horse Saloon a great read.
~Reviewed by: Marlene, Fallen Angel Reviews

Wow. This is such a cute, funny story. Stacy Dawn has managed to pack the pages full of action, humor and intensity. I found myself laughing out loud in the first paragraph and I didn't stop until the very last word!
Any story that can hook you in a few paragraphs, create friends within a few pages and leave its imprint on your mind after so short a time deserves the praise. This one does all that and more! I will be keeping my eyes open for more wonderful works by Ms. Dawn!
~Reviewed by Lily of The Long and Short of It Reviews


"Jonas Decker! You low-down-dirty-rotten..." The crash of Room 3's door as she flung it open, gave Bridgit Schneider a moment of pure satisfaction. The barrel of the gun pointed square between her eyes did not.

All sounds of the Waterin' Horse Saloon's barroom below the second floor landing muted beneath the ricocheted beats of her heart.

Fierce green eyes stared steadily at her for half an instant before widening in shock. "Bridget! What the hell are you doin' here, girl? I coulda shot your head off!"

She clasped a hand to her throat as her eyes followed the lowered gun to a bare chest grazed with dark hair, which coursed down to disappear beneath steaming water.

Maybe Izzy was right—I shoulda thought this through a bit better.

Her gaze darted back up at the curses hissed out above the broad chest. Quick as lightening, Jonas holstered the gun in a thick, leather belt hanging off the chair next to the long, narrow wooden tub. With the same frantic momentum, he grabbed the brown cowboy hat from his head and slapped it onto the water between where his knees broke the surface and his chest drizzled with moisture.

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