Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luck Be A Cowboy

Contemporary Romance
Rating: Sensual

Where will the brooch end up this time....

Luck be a Cowboy
(The Legacy of the Celtic Brooch 12)

Travel consultant Sarah Monroe's sudden streak of bad luck continues when, after taking a baseball bat to her cheating fiancĂ©'s truck, she discovers she's trashed the wrong one. Worse, the real owner, sexy cowboy Harper Reed, witnesses her act of vengeful vandalism. The last thing she needs is her passport cancelled due to a criminal record—or to risk trusting another handsome man.

While Sarah worries if their shaky negotiation will hold up under her bad luck, Harper tries to find a way to prove that luck is not only in the eye of the beholder...but in the heart of a cowboy.


5 Hearts from the Romance Studio!!
Ms. Stacy Dawn definitely lived up to her reputation with this book. I enjoy her style so much that I read all her books possible. Her characters were dynamic, yet comical. Her situations are so funny that it's impossible not to laugh. There were also some poignant moments in the book. I found myself immersed in the characters and felt as if I was there in person. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to laugh and maybe shed a tear while reading a fabulous book.
~Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

4 1/2 Books from the Long and Short Reviews!!
This was such a great read! The pacing was perfect, and there were no loose ends or unanswered backstory issues. My attention was immediately grabbed by the very first line of the book. Sarah Monroe is a wonderfully feisty heroine who isn’t about to let anyone walk all over her. Harper Reed has just the right mix of patience and passion to be able to handle the spirited little filly. I especially loved how the hero helped the heroine see the positives that came as a result of the perceived negatives. And haven’t we all secretly wanted a little sweet revenge against a lying, cheating scumbag?Take some time, grab a chair and some coffee and enjoy every word of this fantastic story. You won’t be sorry.
~Reviewed by Daffodil, Long and Short Reviews

I found Luck Be A Cowboy to be a fun addition to the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch series. In this case, the woman who is given the brooch is convinced all it does is deliver bad luck. But you need to be the judge. I think she just might have been wrong. The story was well written with a lot of tongue in cheek humor, from Sarah trashing the wrong car to being asked to jump out of a cake. Any of the stories in this series can be read alone. I found Luck Be A Cowboy to be one of the better ones I have read in this series.
~Reviewed by Tanya , Joyfully Reviewed


"Whoa there, Slugger."

The soft body thunked into his arms, back to his chest as rose scented curls fanned his face. For a moment, Harper relived the moment in the back bedroom, her hair grazing his cheek, her soft skin tingling beneath his hands. The moment was seared into his body, charging it to life the moment he touched her.

Unfortunately, her squirming to untwist a spiked heel from the platform broke into the pleasant memory.

He shifted her to one arm in order to reach down and unhook the errant heel. "You could have broken your neck," he said in a gentle reprimand as he helped her to stand. "I told you I'd be back to help."

Her gaze darted over his shoulder and out the open door. "Yeah, well, I think I've had just about enough help from men lately." She poked a finger in his chest. "God is a man, isn't he? Well, doesn't that just explain everything."

"O-okay." Harper wasn't about to delve into a cryptic retort like that and instead sized up the slight pinch of her brows and the haze fading her blue eyes to grey. "You sure you're all right?"

"Yep, great. No problem." She averted her eyes and turned with one spiked heel rising to the cake's platform. "Now, help me up. This is gonna be one show you're not likely to forget."

And how, he thought as his hands slipped to the round, firm ass. All in the name of assistance of course, but man...

Haul it in there, Reed.

Easier said than done as he shifted his own hips to relieve the growing strain in his jeans.

"Okay, I'm in. What do you think?"

Sarah popped around, sultry arms raised in a very 1940's pin-up pose.

Harper's lips twitched. "Perfect." Her smile grew, eyes dancing like diamonds in the spotlight. His body instantly reacted with a tight chest and even tighter pants. Harper cleared his throat and sidestepped behind the opened lid, hinged as the top of the cake. He knew his reaction wasn't anything more than being in the company of a gorgeous woman. But if that were true, then why did his gut feel like a big old rock had been dropped to the bottom.

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