Monday, September 1, 2008

The Theory of Love

Contemporary Romance
Short Story
Rating: Sweet

The Theory of Love

Abbey's doubts about her friend's sparks and fireworks theory only grow when a set-up date turns into a no-show dud. Vowing never to let her friend set her up again, the last thing she expects is a jean-clad dancing plant putting the theory to the test.


A charming and witty story, The Theory of Love is an absolute enjoyable read. Stacy Dawn's contemporary voice is full of wonderful humor and thoroughly entertaining.
~ Peggy Ann Craig, author

This is a wonderful story. It's so easy to relate to Abby and super easy to see why she falls head over heels for Jim. Who wouldn't?! If you want to spend ten minutes or so, smiling, then dive into THE THEORY OF LOVE! I anxiously await Ms. Dawn's next story.
~ Lora Darling, author


"Watch out, coming through."

The deep male voice came two seconds before the freezer door smashed against my head. Choking back the cheddar and a few unladylike words, I raised a hand to the new dent behind my left ear and slammed the door shut. The soda bottle nearly fell from my other hand at the sight of a denim-clad tree dancing around the kitchen.

Figuring I must have been hit harder than I thought, I shook my head and took a second look.
Through the branches of a very large houseplant, I glimpsed a shock of dark blond hair, firm jaw line, and a forest green dress shirt.

Whew, I wasn't delusional after all. When the weight of the vegetated monstrosity thunked onto the floor and my assailant emerged from behind the bush, I quickly retracted the thought in hopes I could stay in my fantasy world. Surely, this had to be a mirage. At no point in my sane life did I ever come this close to manly perfection.

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